Welcome to the CAR-T Beyond Oncology Digital Summit

The commercial success of CAR-T therapy in oncology has inspired a new wave of R&D to use specific targeting approaches to treat diseases like herpes and fibrosis. These disease areas have great potential to achieve a curative one-time treatment through targeted cell therapy, providing patients with a better of quality of life and posing them as a more commercially viable therapy compared to current long-term standards of care.

The CAR-T Beyond Oncology Summit is your one opportunity to be brought up to speed on the novel research developments in this field, which in turn can educate and inform your strategic portfolio growth and indication expansion plans.

Spotlight CAR-T development in HIV, fungal infection, herpes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and fibrosis!

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"An excellent first step, a durable discussion forum for this important aspect of cell therapy"

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"I left feeling inspired and motivated to do more"


"The best run event of the year focused on a relevant theme; bringing pharma/academia/industry to the table to have a very serious discussion on where we should be going"

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